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Ankle boots, single

Ankle boots, single

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This product was also designed by me.
With ankle boots it is important that they fit the horse well.
A tab at the back gives the upper strip extra support. Extra strong Velcro and flexible straps offer optimal support, preventing slipping as much as possible.

112 LEDs with red light (660nm) and near infrared NIR (850nm), as well as a pulsing function of 10Hz, can be individually adjusted. Only a small control button is visible from the outside.
The integrated power bank and the 15-minute timer make the application even more convenient.

To ensure that cleaning and hygiene (disinfection) are as easy as possible, all products are equipped with a protective film. The outer material is water-resistant and can also be easily cleaned.

  • integrated battery (power bank)
  • with USB-C cable for charging
  • externally only the control button
  • Timer 15min
  • pulsing function 10Hz
  • Protective film for easy cleaning
  • flexible Velcro for optimal hold
  • water resistant
  • CE-approved

To ensure a long service life, make sure that the gaiters are stored flat!

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