When does Connee Light Therapy make sense?

Red wavelengths and NIR wavelengths penetrate the body tissue to different depths. For healing wounds deep in the skin, red wavelengths stimulate healing. For deeper illnesses such as muscle tears or joint pain, you should use the NIR wavelengths.

Some examples of application:

  • Joint pain (due to osteoarthritis or overuse damage that has led to cartilage breakdown)
  • Wounds
  • Connective tissue injuries (sprains and strains of ligaments and tendons),
  • Muscle injuries (strains and tears)
  • Cartilage breakdown (caused by osteoarthritis or overuse)
  • Muscle recovery after exercise
  • Back pain
  • Inflammations of all kinds
  • Neuropathy and neuropathic pain
  • Blood circulation
  • Skin diseases, eczema, acne, etc.

and much more.

Most illnesses, whether acute (sudden) or chronic (long-term), can be treated and possibly even prevented with regular treatments of red and NIR light therapy.